Meat Eater Vegetarian Rage


Meat Eater Vegetarian Rage

Vegetarian ??!!

Ragetoons – Meat Eater Vegetarian Rage

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6 Responses to “Meat Eater Vegetarian Rage”

  1. robin Says:

    i dont get this :(

  2. Marc Says:

    Robin, he’s yelling T-O-F-U. The crap vegetarians eat, and pretend like it’s meat. Everyone knows it can’t come close to the deliciousness that is beef (steaks), chicken (breast steaks), or fish (filet steaks). There is no meat substitute!

  3. anon Says:

    omg i lol’d at this for like 10 minutes.

  4. liane Says:

    Awesome!!! :D

  5. Flaming Zebra Says:

    This is so funny XD! It’s cool how they changed “FFFFFFFUUUUUUU” into “TTTTOOOO-FFFFUUUU.”
    BTW, Marc, I am a vegetarian and tofu really isn’t that bad. Its taste depends on how it is cooked, so you probably had it when it wasn’t cooked well (I know this because I used to hate it, too :D ).

  6. noah Says:

    yet again my enemy tofu u have entered my dojo a restraunt that only serves beefs.dadada

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