Evony Ads Rage


Evony Ads Rage

Evony ads … FFFUUUUU !!

Thanks Matthew …

Ragetoons – Evony Ads Rage

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4 Responses to “Evony Ads Rage”

  1. stalker Says:

    This is exactly the reason why using Firefox with Adblock Plus. ;)

  2. EVONYSUX Says:

    I hate those ads. >:O

  3. noah Says:

    lol that happened to me once but it went like this my mom came up and said whats that and i said and ad and she said no its notand then i said look im not on that site see and she said ohh

  4. perfect Says:

    You captured my feeling perfectly, these damn pop ups and adds at the corner. stupid envoys nobody wants you and nobody believe your coming for me.

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